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Meet the Team

Skilled, dedicated and passionate.

We are incredibly proud of our dedicated and passionate team that come from a range of skilled backgrounds, qualifications and experience across the commercial industry. 

Jacky Zhang - Director Ace Commercial Interiors.jpg


Jacky Zhang


Jacky is the driving force behind building the Ace Commercial brand. Inspired by his father’s love and passion for furniture design and manufacturing, Jacky and David started Ace Commercial in 2014. Jacky strengths are in coordinating and managing the project pipeline, key decision making and company strategy and direction. Graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce with a Master of International Business from the University of Sydney, he has 15 years’ experience in the joinery and furniture industry. 

Jacky’s philosophy is based on building loyal, long-term relationships with his clients. He ensures his clients experience the beauty and excitement in bringing their project visions to life with Ace. It is this empathetic and passionate approach that makes Ace Commercial a reputable and successful company. 

Ace Commercial Factory Sydney
Ace Commercial Factory Sydney
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David Xie


David holds 15 years’ experience in the joinery industry, graduating with a Bachelor of Construction Management and a Master of Project Management from the University of Southern Australia. David takes charge in overseeing production progress, quality control and technical problem solving. His strengths lay in Sketching, AutoCAD, Pytha 3D Cad System and Microvellum Software. 

David’s main goal is to ensure the team on the ground are working effectively, are supported and providing the best quality outcomes up until delivery and installation. 



Sunny Shi

Production Manager

Michael Sun

Project Manager


Ace Commercial Factory Sydney


Ange Morrin

Site Coordinator

Tansy Tan

Project Manager


We strive to be like water. Not a tsunami, you want to be a river - consistent, strong and transparent...

David Xie | Director


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